Beautiful graphic images and jewelry supplies to help grow your business

I started out as my mothers apprentice in jewelry design over 20 years ago and absolutely love all kinds of beads, textures and colors. I'm like a kid in a candy shop when I go bead hunting! I started making cards for myself 18 years ago using stamps and heat embossed ink. It was fun but I wanted more. I needed the jewelry to have a backdrop fitting the style and spirit of the beads themselves, so I started making images on the "big ol' primitive" computer programs back then. Remember DOS and floppy disks? Yikes!! Wasn't easy, but It still wasn't quite right yet. Now, after so many trial and errors, I have perfected my design style and created images that appeal to my spirit and heart❤. I Love designing jewelry cards, mandalas and other items to help you, the wonderful customer, create that perfect backdrop for your own jewelry designs. I call myself a multi-functional artist because I dabble in all creative arts and I try to incorporate that knowledge in what I do here, in my little shop.
I still travel around doing art and craft shows all year like the gypsy artist I am, but it's not work when you love what you do, right? This is play time for me and I play wholeheartedly with everything I do. It's a passion that won't be quieted. Namaste.....

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